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  • Feb 15, 201122:53h
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Reuters: Cuba fights latest U.S. “invasion” — on the Internet.
Con la descripción de la estrategia oficial:

After initially blocking public access to some critical websites, the Cuban government has switched strategy and unleashed an anti-dissident counter-attack by a legion of some 1,000 pro-government “revolutionary” bloggers.
From his office in the headquarters of Cuba’s state telephone company ETECSA, journalist and blogger Manuel Henriquez is on the front lines of that official offensive.
“There is evidently an intention to attack Cuba through the Internet. And of course Cuba has the right to defend itself,” said the 47-year-old author of the blog Cambios en Cuba (
“It is an old war and this is its latest expression. What these (opposition) bloggers are looking for is to demonize the country, create an image of a repression that doesn’t exist and later on allows justifying laws and blockades.”
Bloggers like Henriquez take aim at Cuba’s cyberdissidents, led by prominent critic Yoani Sanchez and her Generacion Y blog ( They accuse the critics of being financed by the U.S. government, Cuba’s ideological foe, and often post damaging rumors about their personal lives.

PD: La nota en español.

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